Recovery-Focused System Transformation

A recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC) is a network of clinical and nonclinical services and supports that sustain long-term, community-based recovery. Because ROSCs are local and organic, each ROSC is as unique as the community that forms it. Each ROSC reflects stakeholder variations in vision, resources, and priorities. The local nature of a ROSC also contributes to its sustainability.

Recovery-focused system transformation occurs when recovery-oriented values permeate your behavioral health system, driving and sustaining change at all levels.

Some systems add new recovery-oriented services as a part of their transformation efforts. But system transformation is more about how systems deliver care and less about what care is delivered. Given that transformative changes are often qualitative in nature, systems don’t need to spend huge sums to achieve significant results. In fact, changing the way your systems deliver services can save money.

Transformative change can:

  • Increase accessibility to treatment and services
  • Improve retention and engagement
  • Improve system efficiency
  • Help individuals take ownership of their own wellness and recovery
  • Greatly reduce need for high-cost services
  • Mobilize members of your recovery community
  • Promote sustained recovery and improved quality of life
  • Change the community context to increase community recovery capital


Achara Consulting evaluates all parts of your behavioral health system and organization, from treatment and support services to funding and regulatory policies. Then, we help you to methodically obtain widespread buy-in for a recovery-oriented approach, create a shared vision for your system or agency, and bring about the culture change that will align your services with recovery-oriented principles.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that leaders, staff, providers, community partners, families, and people in recovery have the skills, motivation, and voice they need to help align all elements of your behavioral health systems with recovery-oriented values.

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