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Long-Term Recovery Support in Texas

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) recently concluded a pilot project that showed that long-term recovery support services were associated with reductions in substance use as well as with improvements in employment, independent living, and other measures. The system saved more than $2 million in costs associated with healthcare utilization alone. Read the article […]

Additive, Selective, and Transformative Approaches to ROSC Implementation

ROSC implementation can be roughly categorized under three approaches: additive, selective, and transformative. Additive An additive approach is based on a belief that recovery support services function primarily to sustain progress brought about by treatment. In an additive approach to implementing a ROSC, treatment services themselves do not change, but recovery support services—peer-based supports, family […]

What is a ROSC?

People across the country understand the phrase “recovery-oriented systems of care” in a variety of ways, so it is worthwhile to define the term. “Recovery-oriented” refers to services and systems that are person-centered and self-directed. Such services provide a diverse array of nonclinical supports in addition to person-directed assessment and treatment services. In addition, recovery-oriented […]