Our Services

Achara Consulting supports systems in moving beyond the field’s typical focus on promoting biopsychosocial stabilization in individuals with substance use disorders. Instead, the firm positions systems to provide a full range of clinical and nonclinical services and supports that people need to initiate their wellness and recovery journey, sustain their recovery, and build full, meaningful lives for themselves in their communities.

The Achara team evaluates all parts of a behavioral health system or organization, from treatment and support services to funding and regulatory policies. We then work with local change agents to methodically obtain widespread buy-in for a recovery-oriented approach, create a shared vision for their system or agency, and bring about the culture change that will align services with recovery-oriented principles. We equip system and organizational leaders with the knowledge, tools, and assistance they need to plan for and implement sustainable, systemwide change in the way behavioral health services and supports are conceptualized and delivered. In addition to working with system administrators, Achara Consulting also provides consultation, training, and technical assistance to behavioral health agency leaders, clinicians, peer support staff, and community partners.

Recovery-Focused System Transformation

A recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC) is a network of clinical and nonclinical services and supports that sustain long-term, community-based recovery.

Leadership Institute

The Achara Consulting Leadership Institute prepares leaders to successfully spearhead and manage transformational change in their systems.