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Changing the way your system has always done business is a big job. Shifting service delivery paradigms, increasingly diverse communities, shrinking resources, and public demands for greater accountability all place the task of managing change at the center of the work life of behavioral health leaders. While states and counties spend significant resources on developing staff skills, comparatively few resources equip public sector leaders with the expertise to inspire, guide, and sustain system change.

The Achara Consulting Leadership Institute prepares leaders to successfully spearhead and manage transformational change in their systems.

What will you take home?

  • The ability to turn initiatives into sustainable changes within systems of care and ensure that the changes lead to improved outcomes, quality of life, and system revenue maximization
  • A clear vision for next steps, and an individualized implementation plan to advance their recovery/resilience -focused system transformation process
  • Specific strategies to support both their provider and recovery support networks in preparing for the future health care environment
  • A core set of knowledge, skills, and competencies that will position them to effectively support and guide other system leaders and stakeholders through a complex change process
  • New relationships, ideas, and strategies that emerge from dialogue with other leaders


Who should attend?

  • State, county, and regional system leaders who want to initiate or expand recovery- and resilience-oriented change
  • Behavioral health managed care administrators interested in aligning their processes and provider networks with a ROSC orientation
  • Policymakers working toward health care integration and want to ensure that their approaches and processes are grounded in a recovery orientation.

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